“These lands are dear to me. A man can walk the earth and not gaze on such beauty. A 100 mile ridge of flint and chalk, sheep, and cow. Great tribes fought in the peaks, and they say the land was carved by the devil himself. Yet I don’t see Hell. I see a white road going as far as the eye can see. I see the South Downs Way.” - Sean Yates

Last summer 4 friends took on the South Downs Way - an ancient 100 mile ridge line that spans the south east coast of England. Starting in Winchester and finishing in East Bourne the historic chalk path has over 3500m of climbing and not a car in sight, just rolling steep hills as far as the eye can see.

The South Downs was the training ground of UK cycling legend Sean Yates, the third UK rider to wear the Yellow Jersey.

Now his son Liam Yates carries on the tradition, joined by mates Neil Philips, Sophie Edmondson and Anna Mcleod.

In these strange times of isolation, this short film is a reminder to all of the simple joys of cycling with friends. A joy that for the time being must remain a memory. Please do not travel to the South Downs during this period of lockdown, it is beautiful ancient land and it isn't going anywhere.